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VA Streamline Refinance with no FICO Requirement or Appraisal

The exception is when an appraisal is needed for the FHA streamline. In this case, the condo would need to be FHA approved currently. What if my home is run down. FHA does not require repairs on a home that is in sub-par condition, as long as there is no appraisal required for the transaction. Ask your lender about an FHA Streamline Refinance.

The VA Streamline IRRRL Refinance Program offered by Lendia is a powerful program that allows eligible veterans to refinance their home with no appraisal, no income or asset documentation. An IRRRL is a VA-guaranteed loan made to refinance an existing VA-guaranteed loan, generally at a lower interest rate than the existing VA loan, and with.

Most mortgage loan products require you to provide two years of tax returns and. VA -if you are a US military veteran who currently has a VA Loan, you could. where no debt to income ratio is calculated and no appraisal is required.. loan programs you'll need at least a 620 middle credit score or better.

The FHA refinance also has a streamline program, very similar to the VA program. No credit score requirement, no appraisal and no income or employment verified. The FHA streamline is available for FHA-to-FHA transactions. In other words, you have an FHA loan currently.

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interest rate reduction refinance loan page for the VA loan guaranty service. No appraisal or credit underwriting package is required when applying for an IRRRL.. It must be a VA to VA refinance, and it will reuse the entitlement you originally used.

At American VA Loans, we are committed to serving our nations veterans and providing them with a quick and easy VA financing experience. The VA has one of the easiest most beneficial refinance options on the market.

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No home appraisal required by the VA; Switch your ARM to a fixed-rate VA loan; Lower your interest rate, save money; If you are a veteran with an existing VA loan or mortgage, you may qualify to save with a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, or VA IRRRL. Also known as a VA Streamline Refinance, the IRRRL allows you to refinance your.

Are you looking to refinance your. streamline refinance where no debt-to-income ratio is calculated and no appraisal is required. Story continues Generally, to be eligible for any one of the three.