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Tomorrow marks the start of the lead up to Halloween night, and I have a very full month of events scheduled for you. If you haven’t already taken a sneak peek at what’s coming up, then take a look at this post, where I give you a list of everything that’s happening.(And trust me, if you love reading as much as I do, you’re going to discover some great books, some fun stories, and.

Cure Rates Plunge Among Prime RMBS, Fitch Says

Meet the man whose smart watch saved his life after it alerted. lie ins but I now see that my fatigue was on another level.

Tom’s misc ramblings thoughts on religion, politics, everyday life, thinking, humor, Seinfeld the show – NOT the person – who can’t be confused with humor, and sometimes topics of the day. questions about life, happiness, Paris Hilton’s fame, racism, and the value of toaster strudels.

My crazy, beautiful life. When you don’t want to worry the people around you, you get really good at faking happiness.

 · In my previous post about gut thinking, I outlined my theories about how our memories are the foundation of who we are as people. We form a model of the world and how it works based on them, and our conscious mind will interpret the stimuli that it’s receiving within that model.

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The Insane Ramblings of My Life Sunday, 28 April 2013.. I think the first step is going to be addressing the issues between me and the people in my life. Some of these conversations are going to hurt, and others are going to be great. Next is the move.

Hello my friends, it’s been quite a while. Where does the time go? Life gets crazy what can I say? Probably you’re about to be subject to lots of rambling thoughts, I have no idea what’s about to pour out on this page.

I’m new to blogging I have 3 kidsWe have 4 petsI’m only slightly obsessed with Pokmon GoI make soap and chapstickI live in a very small town in northern Minnesota I can see northern lights and the Milky Way where I liveAnd swearing. Swearing’s my favorite!