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MAGA Bomber Was A Victim Of An Illegal Foreclosure By Steve Mnuchin

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The MAGA bomber is a perfect microcosm of the Trump base: lost his house after Mnuchin (now Trump Treasury Secretary) fraudulently foreclosed on it, convinced by Fox News that black people and Democrats were to blame (self.EnoughTrumpSpam)

prison planet Democrat Harasses Trump Supporter For Wearing MAGA Hat, Claims He Was “Standing Up to a Nazi” Paul Joseph Watson Apparently, 63 million Americans are Nazis.

 · Delusional MAGA people: This will just show that D. Trump himself finally comes down with trump derang. democrats and Republicans invite the world to come. Bernie will never win by letting the Boston bomber. elizabeth warren is positioned as far to the left. Same as when I was a kid; Same as the military

Yes, I said two. Most in liberal circles and on Capitol Hill are buzzing about Steve Mnuchin, chosen as Treasury secretary. And that’s with good reason; he is in fact despicable, the " Forrest Gump of the financial crisis ," as Elizabeth Warren put it, ever-present for every assault on homeowners.

Editor’s note: Marianne Hastings is a pseudonym. The author of this piece chose not to use her real name out of concern that she could face workplace retaliation for speaking out against the Trump.

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Cesar Sayoc’s Home Was Foreclosed On By Steve Mnuchin’s Bank, Using Dodgy Paperwork CESAR SAYOC, THE Donald Trump-loving Floridian who was taken into custody in the case of pipe bombs mailed to prominent Democrats, was foreclosed on in 2009 by a bank whose principal owner and chairman was Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin.

Home / 2018 / October / MAGA Bomber Was A Victim Of An Illegal Foreclosure By steve mnuchin maga bomber Was A Victim Of An Illegal Foreclosure By President Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Donald Trump-loving MAGA Bomber was taken into custody in relation to pipe bombs mailed to prominent Democrats on Friday.

There are other swindler bankers, like the current Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin, who enriched themselves by illegally foreclosing on thousands of homeowners in California. Some were tried; all were exonerated, thanks to the influence of democratic political leaders during the Obama years.

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The man alleged to have mailed pipe bombs to Democrats was just one of many fraudulent foreclosure victims targeted by Mnuchin’s bank.