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Finishing the Trip South to Florida–Summer 2014

My 2 week itinerary for a southern US road trip 20/12/2016. I’m pretty damn excited to be heading south tomorrow for an epic Christmas/New Year road trip! I’ve never explored the true American south before.

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The Florida Turnpike is a major toll road that also runs north-south and terminates in Miami. It does have a fork that branches off south and west and heads towards the Keys. Since it is a rather expensive toll road, it is slightly less jammed up and crowded than the interstates that serve southeast Florida.

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Miami is the highlight of your Florida road trip and you have around three days to spend here. Besides enjoying the great famous beaches at South Beach, there is so much to do! You definitely need to walk around the Art Deco District (walking tours are available) and also check out the oceanfront with all these great buildings. When you covered.

This is video documents more of the trip we took out to Florida, down to the Dominican, up to North Carolina and then back across the county to Laguna.

All the way down from work in Michigan to home in Nashville, part of every trip for my dad, was the search for the first RC cola in a gas station’s cooler. Reply xram June 4, 2014 at 8:35 pm

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While you’re on vacation in one of Florida’s major airport and attraction hubs why not try a day trip off the beaten path? Who knows – you might discover your next holiday destination! Airport destinations are listed from north to south. Here are some suggestions of Florida day trips you can.